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Who Can Test Emergency Lighting?

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who can test emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is a vital facility to prepare your premises for an unexpected situation. Whether it’s a power cut or an outage triggered by a leak, emergency lights will illuminate and signpost an exit route, so staff can safely exit the building.

But it’s not simply enough to have an emergency lighting system in place. It needs to be tested regularly to make sure it’s fully functional whenever required. In this post, we’ll discuss who can test emergency lighting, what the test entails and how often it’s required.

2 types of emergency light test

Before outlining who can test emergency lighting, it’s important to note the two different types of tests required on a regular basis.

Duration test

First and foremost, emergency lights should be given a full three-hour duration test at least once a year. This ensures they can operate for long enough to let people out of the building, as well as providing time for emergency service workers to enter and exit the building following the initial evacuation.

Visual inspection

As a supplement to the all-important three-hour test, emergency lights can be checked more regularly by switching off your power supply to activate the system. This will allow for a basic visual check and identify any faulty components. However, it is by no means a replacement for the full duration test.

Who can test emergency lighting?

Whether it’s a full three-hour test or a more frequent inspection, emergency lighting should always be tested by a competent person. In other words, a person who has the relevant training, qualifications and experience to inspect, maintain and service emergency lights.

The person or company testing your emergency lights needs to be familiar with the BS 5266 standards. These are the standards with which all emergency lighting installations need to comply.

The best way to check for competence is to look for relevant accreditations and certification, such as…


The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is a go-to body for competent electricians. If you’re looking for a company or professional who can test emergency lighting, all NICEIC contractors have been vetted, assessed and certified for your peace of mind.

Electrical Safety Register

Similarly, the Electrical Safety Register assesses all member contractors against rigorous technical standards. As well as meeting strict entry requirements, contractors are regularly assessed for ongoing competence, ability and standards of work.

Testing emergency lighting across Leeds

At Volta Compliance, we’re dedicated to keeping businesses across Leeds compliant and safe. Our team of qualified, experienced electricians can test your emergency lighting on an annual basis, or more frequently if you would prefer.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll work out an ongoing testing and maintenance plan that provides complete peace of mind for your business and your staff. Contact us today to talk more about emergency lighting and how we can help.

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