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Periodic Electrical Inspection For Commercial Premises - Your Complete Guide

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Periodic Electrical Inspection For Commercial Premises - Your Complete Guide

Got a question about your periodic electrical inspection for commercial premises? Here is everything you and your business need to know.

What Does A Periodic Electrical Inspection For Commercial Premises Mean?

It is recommended that all commercial premises undertake a periodic electrical inspection to minimise risk in the workplace. However, we know that there is often confusion around what this means, what it entails and how often it should take place. Therefore, as electrical engineers that specialise in commercial premises, we’re always here to help.

We’ve put together your most frequently asked questions about periodic electrical inspection for commercial premises below.

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Why Do I Need A Periodic Electrical Inspection For My Business?

An electrical inspection will indicate whether your electrical installations are compliant at the time of testing. Here are 4 key reasons why your inspection is vital to the workplace and your business:

1. Electrical Installation Compliance

Electrical installations and wiring can deteriorate over time or with use. Often these changes are hidden or go undetected. It is important to identify whether your electrical installations are satisfactory for continued use.

2. Health & Safety

A periodic electrical inspection for commercial premises helps to minimise any risk of injury. It is designed to prevent related injuries such as electric shock or burns. Not only does it promote health and safety, it also minimises the risk of potential damage to your business too.

3. Liability

It is important that you keep hold of any documents issued to you after the inspection.

This ensures that if there is a suspected electrical fault that causes injury or property damage in the future, you can provide evidence that your commercial premises carried out the correct electrical testing procedure. This includes any remedial work you choose to undertake.

If you do not secure an electrical safety certificate for commercial premises, it can invalidate your insurance certificates.

4. It Can Save You Money

Record of a previous inspection provides your electrician with prior knowledge about your fittings and potential issues. This can prevent costly explorative work during your next inspection.

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How Do I Get My Electrical Inspection?

Firstly, your company, business or commercial premises will need an electrical inspection by a competent electrical engineer. The responsible owner or overseer of each property such as a site manager must find a commercially trained electrician to carry out the inspection as necessary.

What Does It Involve?

Your commercial electrician will:

  • Identify electric shock or fire hazards
  • Highlight any overloaded or faulty electrical installations
  • Find out whether any earthing or bonding is necessary
  • Check for outdated installations
  • Any immediate dangers will be fixed as a priority (following client approval)

Once you approve any remedial work, you will be issued with an electrical safety certificate also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

What Is An EICR?

An EICR is also known as a Fixed Wiring Certificate or an electrical safety certificate. It gives you an accurate overview of the condition of your electrical installations at the time of review.

Your EICR identifies potential danger and outlines recommended remedial work, classified by urgency.

How Often Should My Business Undertake An Electrical Inspection?

In order to stay compliant with UK law and regulation, it is important that you renew your electrical safety certificate with a periodic electrical inspection for your commercial premises.

A competent electrician should carry out your inspection every few years to ensure that your premises and staff are as safe as they can be by identifying potential danger and minimising risk of injury or damage.

You can find government guidance on the frequency of your inspection here or contact us for your free site survey

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Why Volta Compliance?

We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with electrical compliance, which is why we offer periodic electrical inspection for commercial premises. We carry out your inspection at the right intervals and to British Safety standards, at a time that is convenient to you.

Finally, you can access your test certificates easily through our secure online portal to ensure you know well in advance when your inspection is due.

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