Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR)

Risk of serious accident, fire or electric shock, insurance issues, not to mention the legal implications of being non-compliant… It’s vital to ensure that your electrical installations are expertly inspected, tested and certified to comply with the latest regulations.

But when you’re busy, it can be difficult to keep up with compliance. This is why, at Voltacompliance, we offer a complete Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR) service that takes the workload off your shoulders.

We will ensure that you are tested at the right intervals, to BS standards and that all tests are carried out at a time that’s convenient to you to minimise downtime.

Test certificates are electronic and can be easily emailed or accessed via a secure area on our website. And when your retest is due, we will give you ample warning ensuring that your compliance is never out of date.

What Is EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a periodic inspection and test carried out on all types of premises to ensure that electrical installations are safe and compliant.

An EICR comprises a visual inspection of any electrical switchgear and accessories followed by thorough electrical testing to check for safety and integrity under normal usage. It also checks that your supply can disconnect in a fault or emergency. And, because an electrical installation can deteriorate over time, an EICR flags up any remedial work so this can be carried out before an issue gets more serious.

What’s Included?

  • An electrical installation report carried out to BS7671
  • Experienced electricians qualified to C&G 2394/2395 or equivalent
  • A fully managed service/including reminders & scheduling
  • Electronic storage of your certificates
  • Customer login area to access your certificates from any device
  • Photographic evidence to support remedial actions

Why Do I Need It?

Fire & Electric Shock

Electrical connections can deteriorate or get damaged over time. Connections can become loose and additional demand added to existing installations. Connections can be tampered with by unqualified individuals – or even added to and altered, without the appropriate certification.

Although there may appear to be no immediate issues, problems can show up unexpectedly. At best remedial repair costs can be high; at worst dangerous or ‘live’ connections can cause fires or electric shocks to staff and visitors.

Non-compliance installations can also cause serious problems in terms of insurance and Health and Safety. An EICR will identify any issues and dangers ensuring that your electrical installation is both safe and legal.

How we help

A Voltacompliance EICR inspection will check all your electrical connections to ensure they are electrically and mechanically sound, and that everything meets BS7671.

We will inspect electrical switchgear and accessories, dismantling as necessary, and identify any early stages of electrical deterioration.
If any immediate dangers are found, appropriate action will be taken to remove the risk.

In non-urgent cases, this will be outlined in our report under Remedial Work, classified by urgency.

Accidents & Investigations

Non-compliance comes into play when there is an accident or investigation. The responsible person can be investigated to discover why the installation isn’t compliant with the relevant standards.
However if you can produce an up-to-date EICR certificate, this will act as evidence of compliance with BS7671 in a court of law.
Full details of the latest statutory regulations can be found is on page 314 – Appendix 2 of the BS7671 IET Wiring regulations.

How we help
When it comes to potential accidents, prevention is always better than cure. Our EICR includes a thorough visual inspection of the installation to identify any broken, damaged or incorrectly installed equipment to ensure that remedial action can be taken before an issue gets more serious.

We will also carry out a series of electrical tests to verify that protective conductors are compliant and that, in the event of a potential fault or risk of electric shock, the relevant protection and disconnection will come into play.

Any exposed live parts or defective protected devices or conductors will be classified as an immediate danger and the risk removed immediately. Any non- urgent matters will be outlined in our reports under Remedial Work, classified by urgency.


Up-to-date EICR certification is usually a condition of insurance. Normally insurance companies will make organisations aware of this – but not always.
If you need to claim because of electrical fire or electric shock and are unable to produce a current EICR certificate, you may not be covered by your insurance policy.

How we help
The EICR certificate we issue you with will meet the standards required by BS7671 so you can produce it as proof of compliance.

Costly Maintenance / Emergency Repairs

If a non-compliant electrical installation breaks down, there’s an emergency or a problem, call out fees can be expensive.
Business downtime is also expensive. Can you afford to have your business affected by unnecessary or unplanned downtime?

How we help
Regular periodic testing is a good way to prevent unexpected or emergency maintenance and ensure electrical compliance.

Our EICR inspection will identify any issues, so you can take remedial action sooner rather than later. We will also carry out any urgent repairs during our inspection and highlight any less urgent issues under the Remedial Work section on our report.

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