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How to Install Electric Car Charging Points for Business Sites

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how to install electric car charging points for business sites

With zero exhaust emissions and lower running costs, the switch to electric vehicles is an attractive prospect for businesses. Electric car charging points are a big step towards that goal, giving you a place on-site to charge your fleet or let employees and guests charge their own EVs.

In this post we’ll outline how to install electric car charging points for businesses in four simple steps.

1. Check your eligibility

The first thing to do is check if you are entitled to a grant to install electrical charging points. The Workplace Charging Scheme offers support towards the initial cost of purchase and installation of the charge points. The criteria you need to be eligible can be found on the government website.

You are also able to combine the WCS grant with the EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets. It will:

  • Cover up to 75% of the cost of installation
  • Have a limit of £15,000 per grant

You can apply if:

  • You’re a small-to-medium-sized business, no more than 249 employees
  • You’re a UK-registered company, charity or public sector organisation

Of course, you can still install electric charging points if you don’t meet this criteria. It simply means you won’t be eligible for a grant to reduce the costs.

2. Find a chargepoint installer

Chargepoint installation is not something that anyone can do. It is important to find an experienced firm who have expertise in the process and is approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

To narrow down your search, consider:

  • Their location – Using a local firm means they’re nearby for aftercare and support.
  • Their reviews – Being OZEV approved doesn’t necessarily mean a company is well liked by customers.
  • Their previous projects – Have they worked on sites similar to yours and installed charging systems that match your requirements?

Volta Compliance is an authorised installer of electric car charging points for businesses. Our team works on projects big and small, throughout Yorkshire. We can guide you through the process of installation – as well as advising on any grants you may be eligible for.

3. Connect to the electricity network

Most businesses connect to their local low-voltage distribution network for their electricity. But if you need a connection for a large number of charge points, you may find the transmission network is more cost-effective.

Things to consider:

  • The number of chargepoints you need
  • The speed you want for charging
  • Standard 3.7kW takes 3-8 hours
  • Fast 7-22kW takes 1-3 hours
  • Rapid 50+kW takes 20-40 minutes
  • Ultra-Rapid 100+kW takes 15-30 minutes

It is advisable to discuss your project with your network operator as early as possible, as chargepoint installation is a specialist area. Planning permission might be needed if new overhead lines and substations are installed.

It is easy to find your Distribution Network Operator by using the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) online tool, Who’s my network operator? To make things even simpler, your chargepoint installer can liaise with your network operator to ensure installation goes smoothly.

4.   Consider cost-effective methods

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has created an easy Site Planning Tool that allows depot-based businesses to consider how to be more cost-effective. Its software will give you the chance to model scenarios from your working day to assess how going electric will benefit your fleet, from infrastructure to costs.

Are electric car charging points right for your business?

Perhaps you want to find out a little more about electric car charging points before you start contacting installers. That’s not a problem. Below, we outline some of the benefits of EV chargers for different types of business, so you can make an informed decision:

Businesses with electric fleets or company cars

If you have a fleet of EVs or a few electric company cars, it’s much more cost-effective to charge them on-site compared to using public charging stations. You’ll only pay for the electric you used based on your tariff. In contrast, supermarkets, fuel stations and other public sites will add their own profit margin to that cost – which can stack up over time.

In addition to cost savings, you’ll have a more convenient place to charge your vehicles. There’s no need to search around or find somewhere en-route. That means less wasted time, with vehicles ready whenever they’re needed. Charge them overnight or whenever staff are in the office.

Businesses with EV-driving customers or staff

Maybe you’re considering electric car charging points simply because of staff or customers driving them. That’s a good enough reason too. Fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars accounted for almost a quarter of new cars sold as of September 2023.

EV chargers can attract customers to your showroom or retail store, as they’ll be able to give their car a little boost while they’re shopping. Alternatively, they can provide an extra revenue stream if you want customers to pay to use your chargers.

Similarly, for employees, electric car chargers are an extra little incentive to set your workplace apart from the rest. As more people make the switch to electric, they are a nice added extra to help you attract and retain the best talent to grow your business.

Eco-conscious businesses

Finally, there are eco-conscious businesses – or those that want to go green. Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, making them a better choice for the environment compared to petrol and diesel cars.

Installing EV chargers on your premises shows that you’re doing your bit to facilitate the transition, which will be recognised by staff and customers alike. With 55% of consumers willing to pay more for eco-friendly brands and 4 in 10 willing to boycott non-green companies, this could be a bonus for your bottom line.

Efficient electric car charging points for business sites in Yorkshire

Business charging points for electric cars can seem a little complicated. Not with Volta Compliance on your side. Operating throughout Yorkshire, our experienced team can advise on and install the right electrical car charging points for your business.

Call 0113 397 1361 or email [email protected] to get started.

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