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6 Benefits of EV Chargers for Businesses

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6 benefits of ev chargers for businesses

With the government planning to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the journey to electric driving is well and truly underway. The question for company owners and site managers is whether EV chargers for business are worth it.

In this post, we’ll explore what you get in return for EV chargers by looking at six benefits for businesses.

1. Cost

First on the list is cost. Yes, installing EV chargers will definitely save you money in the long run. That’s because charging on site is cheaper than using public stations, which will understandably add a profit margin to the cost of the energy you use.

Installing EV chargers for your business also allows you to switch more of your fleet to electric cars, which are significantly cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles. Comparing the electric BMW i3 to the petrol 318i, Thatcham estimates a cost of just 3.7p per mile for the electric model versus 14.2p per mile for its petrol counterpart.

2. Convenience

Next on the list is convenience. You and your staff don’t need to worry about finding electric charging stations nearby or en-route. You can simply plug while you’re in the office or leave cars charging overnight, then enjoy a charged vehicle when it’s needed.

3. Productivity

That brings us to productivity. Electric cars typically take around 8 hours to charge fully. If employees need to take them to be charged before using them, you’re looking at several hours of wasted time.

Instead, with EV chargers for business, cars will be ready so staff can get where they need to be quicker.

4. Staff retention

EV chargers aren’t just used for company cars. Employees with their own electric vehicles will also enjoy being able to charge them at work. This will become a greater asset over time as more people make the switch to electric, improving both staff attraction and retention.

5. Customer use

EV chargers for business aren’t solely for internal use either. If you have a customer or potential client visiting for the day, what better way to create a good first impression than allowing them to top up their car while they’re visiting? It could be the difference between a missed sale and a client you keep for years to come.

6. Going green

Let’s not forget what’s behind the shift to electric vehicles – they’re emissions free on the road with a lower carbon footprint than internal combustion engines.

While the majority of UK electricity still comes from fossil fuels, the rise of alternatives like wind, solar and nuclear will eventually make electric vehicles even greener.

Having EV chargers for your business will show your support for a green initiative, reduce your carbon footprint and put some weight behind brand values like sustainability.

EV chargers for businesses in Yorkshire

If you’re sold on the benefits of EV chargers and ready to make the switch for your business, contact the team at Volta Compliance. Based in Leeds, we install top-of-the-range EV chargers for businesses throughout Yorkshire.

After a quick consultation, our team can recommend the best chargers for your needs with a no-obligation quote. We can also provide advice and assistance with the Workplace Charging Scheme to make the installation even more cost-effective.

Get in touch today on 0113 397 1361 or email [email protected] find out more.


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