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4 Winter Electrical Safety Tips

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4 winter electrical safety tips

Winter is coming, which means electrical safety is more important than ever. Why? Darker days and longer nights require more lighting, while colder weather around the clock means more demand for heat.

In short, we use more electricity in winter. In this post, we’ll list four winter electrical safety tips to make sure that extra demand doesn’t become extra risk for your business.

1. Be careful of overloading

If, as above, you do need to plug in some extra lighting or heating appliances, make sure you do it safely. Firstly, that means avoiding the use of extension cords and multi-socket adapters wherever possible.

These items aren’t as good at coping with high-demand appliances like portable heaters. They’re also dangerous because they increase the risk of sockets (and circuits) being overloaded. That’s when the power demanded from an electrical outlet exceeds what it can handle, causing overheating and fires.

If you must use extension cords, because of unsuitable socket locations, make sure you’re not using them excessively with lots of appliances plugged in at once.

2. Arrange an inspection

Ideally, commercial sites should be routinely inspected for electrical safety. However, if that’s not something you’ve kept up with, now is the time to make amends.

Having your electrical installation inspected will ensure it’s ready for the extra demand of winter. An electric installation condition report (EICR) will check every component of your fixed wiring system, flagging any issues that require repairs or replacement.

PAT testing is also a good base to cover, ensuring that the appliances themselves are safe to use.

3. Unplugging over the Christmas break

We can’t talk about winter without addressing the big festive elephant in the room – Christmas! Whether it’s just the bank holidays or an extended holiday period, most businesses have some time when their office, warehouse or shop is out of use.

But while you’re at home with your mulled wine, electricity will still be flowing through the wires at your commercial property. As such, it’s important to switch off and unplug as many appliances as you can. That includes most things other than fridges and freezers, which need to stay on.

4. Don’t ignore leaks

It doesn’t take an electrical expert to tell you that electricity and water don’t mix. In winter, when rainfall can be heavier and more frequent, it’s vital that your property isn’t letting water seep in.

Water can and will affect your electrical installation or appliances – whether that’s tripping the system or causing serious damage. So, if you spot any leaks, be sure to have them seen to immediately.

Winter electrical safety made easy

At Volta Compliance, we aim to take the guesswork out of winter electrical safety. Alongside our simple tips, we provide reliable electrical maintenance services that will ensure your site is winter-ready.

Whether it’s some much-needed repairs or a comprehensive inspection of your site’s electrical installation, our qualified, experienced team is on hand to help throughout Yorkshire. Get a quote today by calling 0113 397 1361 or emailing [email protected].


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