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Cloud Compliance By Volta

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Cloud Compliance By Volta.

Secure online portal
Login from any device
Client dashboard
Electrical certificate storage

Here at Volta Compliance, one of our aims is to make sure all your compliance needs are met.

We understand that keeping all your documents safe and organised can be difficult and create unnecessary stress, that’s why we’ve created our client portal which will store all the important paperwork for you! All your documents will be kept in one place, so you can access them with ease whenever you need to.

What are the benefits of the client portal?

There are numerous benefits for utilising the portal. Some of these include:

  • Login from all your devices
  • All your certificates are together
  • Downloadable files
  • Secure storage

What files will I be able to store?

We want to make sure the most important files are all kept together, have a look at the list below to see which ones can be stored on our cloud:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Emergency Lighting Certificates
  • Fire Alarm Certificates
  • Portable Appliance Certificates
  • Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Minor Works Certificates
  • O&M Manuals

Can my cloud be personalised to my company?

Yes, we can tailor your portal to include everything you might want to store.

How do I access the portal?

To access the client portal, simply click the ‘Customer Login’ link at the top of our website and enter your username and password which you had received previously. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can request another by clicking on the ‘Lost your password’ link and entering your username or email address.

You can access the customer portal from all your different devices, including mobile, to ensure you can get a hold of your documents at any time.

View a demo

If you wish to experience the portal yourself click on the ‘Customer Login‘ link and type ‘Democompany’ for both the username and password.

Find out more about our electrical compliance contracts or get in touch.

We are always looking to improve so if you have any suggestions on how we can enhance our portal than let us know!

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Richard Carr Volta Compliance
Richard Carr
Managing Director
Richard is the Director of Volta Compliance. He is a fully qualified approved electrician graded with the JIB. Richard has over 20 years electrical experience working on commercial and industrial installations.