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What is an EICR Test?

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what is an eicr test?

When you’re a site manager or business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different requirements to keep your premises safe and compliant. There is a long list of things you’re told you need, each one requiring some of your valuable time to figure out what it is and whether it’s actually necessary.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide that explains what an EICR is and what the test involves…

What is an EICR?

EICR stands for Electric Installation Condition Report – and it is “exactly what is says on the tin”, so to speak. An EICR is a report about the condition of your electric installation.

To be absolutely clear, that’s the fixed wiring system that powers all appliances on your site. Your electric installation includes all wiring, bonding, circuits, sockets, switches – everything needed to power your building.

As for the report, it’s a full review of the condition of all those components, highlighting any issues. Those issues will be labelled as follows, depending on the action required:

  • C1 – Immediate action required with danger present and a risk of injury
  • C2 – Urgent remedial action required due to potential danger
  • C3 – Improvements recommended but no danger at present
  • FI – Further investigation is required before the EICR is satisfactory

So, what is an EICR test?

Here’s where some people get confused. You’ve got the EICR report, but then what’s an EICR test? Essentially, they’re part of the same thing. In order to create a report, a qualified and competent contractor needs to complete an EICR test and inspection on your installation and all its components.

During the EICR test, they’ll check the condition of your electric installation. They’ll be looking for anything that doesn’t adhere to BS7671 standards, including:

  • Unsafe wiring
  • Defective work
  • Shock risks
  • Fire hazards
  • Lack of bonding
  • Overloaded circuits

Do I need an EICR test?

Now it’s clear what these two terms mean, the next question is whether you need an EICR test and the resulting report. In short, the answer is yes. All commercial premises should have regular EICR testing to ensure their electric installation is safe.

In terms of frequency, it will depend on the type of installation, how often it’s used and the surrounding environment. Contractors will recommend a suitable period between tests in your EICR report.

Five years is a general rule of thumb, but there are lots of environments where more frequent testing is required. That includes anywhere open to the public and places exposed to moisture or extreme temperature.

If your site has had an EICR test in the past and you’re unsure when your next one is due, the best course of action is to contact a qualified electrician.

EICR testing in Yorkshire

At Volta Compliance, we provide reliable EICR services throughout Yorkshire. Our Leeds-based team has a wealth of experience inspecting and testing installations for commercial sites and offices big and small – as well as making the necessary repairs to keep them safe and fully functional.

To arrange an EICR report and test for your site, simply contact us on 0113 397 1361 or email [email protected].

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