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How Do I Find Commercial Electrical Contractors Near Me?

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how do i find commercial electrical contractors near me?

Wherever you’re based, there’s likely to be at least a few commercial electrical contractors near you. But given the critical nature of electrical work, safety and compliance, you don’t want just anyone working on your electrical installation or appliances.

So, how do you choose between them to find the best local company? That’s where our quick and easy guide can help out, with four criteria to narrow down your search and some tips on the selection process…

Finding electrical contractors near you

The first step is to find a few commercial electricians near you to compare. Here are three simple ways of doing that.


Word of mouth marketing continues to be a powerful force. Ask other business owners, friends or family members whether they can recommend a commercial electrical contractor nearby.

Beware, though. People may give you contractor’s details simply because they’re friends. Alternatively, they might recommend someone before their work has stood the test of time. As such, it’s still worth doing your due diligence on recommendations, which we’ll cover further down.


Google has upped its game in recent years to make it easier to find electrical contractors near you. Simply enter “commercial electrical contractors near me” and you’ll be presented with a map of your local area with relevant results and their locations.

Clicking on each of the results listed or their pinpoints on the map will show you an overall rating from a total number of reviews. You’ll also get their contact information to make things even easier.

Above the map, you may see sponsored results, which are pay-per-click adverts targeting the phrase you’ve just searched. Google may also recommend directories where you can find more contractors to compare, which brings us to…


Directories might seem old fashioned if you’re thinking about the physical Yellow Pages that used to gather dust in people’s homes. And you’d be right – the printed version was discontinued in 2019.

However, there are lots of online directories that are equally as helpful – if not a little more – including the owner of the Yellow Pages, Yell.

On these sites, you’ll get a list of relevant contractors in or around your specified location. Most also have a reviews section, so you can do a bit of research there and then before selecting candidates.

how do i find commercial electrical contractors near me

4 criteria for the best local electrical contractors

Experience and expertise are paramount when it comes to electrical work. Here are four ways you can make sure you’re choosing the right contractor near you…

1. Accreditations

If you’re looking for a commercial electrical contractor nearby that you can trust, accreditations should always be the first port of call. They show that contractors have been assessed and approved by industry experts.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is a go-to authority for electrical contractors. They carry out assessments of contractors across different building service sectors, including electricians. NICEIC certification shows that contractors are safe, competent and compliant.

Another name to look out for is SafeContractor, who provide accreditation to contractors based on strict health and safety requirements.

2. Experience

Accreditations show that contractors are technically proficient. But it also helps to find a commercial electrical contractor near you with plenty of experience under their belt. Going beyond electrical competence, this shows that they’ve encountered a wide range of real-world scenarios.

It’s also a good reflection on the service they provide to customers. It’s much harder for a contractor to stick around for several years if they’re going from client to client doing the bare minimum – compared to those who have repeat customers because of the great service they’ve provided.

By choosing a local commercial electrical contractor with at least 5-10 years’ experience, you’re far more likely to get a company you can trust.

3. Reviews

While experience is a good indicator of trust, the real power is in the voice of the people. Reviews from local customers are a great way to narrow your search down to the best commercial electrical contractors near you.

By looking at customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Facebook and Google, you can see what real people from organisations like yours had to say about the service, the standards of the contractor’s work, and any issues or concerns they had.

4. Expertise

Finally, once you’ve found a few trusted contractors, consider the expertise on offer. What can they do for you? Ideally, you want a commercial electrical contractor who can provide all the electrical services you need.

It’s hard to overstate the value of having someone nearby to help with electrical installation condition reports, PAT testing, lighting, fire alarms, and even government schemes like ESOS and SECR.

What are the next steps with an electrical contractor near me?

Once you’ve found a suitable candidate near you, it’s time to get in touch. Talk through your requirements over the phone or by email. This will give you a feel for the company and their customer service, as well as informing you whether they can help with your specific requirements.

In some cases, you may be able to get a quote over the phone. Alternatively, you might need to arrange a site visit to give the electrician a better idea of the job at hand.

Once you’ve got a quote, you can compare prices and availability. If your work needs doing urgently, you might need to choose a different contractor if your preferred company is booked up. Similarly, some contractors may be out of your price range – but remember that it’s better to pay for a good job than go cheap and pay twice!

Commercial electrical contractors in Yorkshire

If you’re based in Yorkshire and looking for commercial electrical contractors near you, Volta Compliance are on hand to help. We’re accredited and experienced, with countless positive reviews from local customers and services that cover every base for your business.

To find out more or discuss your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0113 397 1361 or [email protected].


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