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Electric Car Charging Points For Business – How To Reduce Your Tax Cost

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Electric Car Charging Points For Business

Electric Car Charging Points For Business – How To Reduce Your Tax Cost

Take advantage of clean technology and reduce your tax cost with electric car charging points for business.

Electric Car Charging Points For Business

Transport accounts for 23% of the UK’s CO2 emissions.

In a bid to drastically reduce emissions and tackle climate change, the UK government are encouraging the use of electric cars and electric car charging points for business.

Electric vehicles have risen in popularity, but change takes time. It takes most UK drivers anywhere between one and fifteen years to change their vehicles. That’s why the government is offering incentives to entice businesses into being front-runners of the electric car revolution.

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Benefits Of Owning An Electric Car Through Your Business

Government incentives mean there are now numerous cost benefits to owning an electric car through your business. The workplace is an ideal location to introduce employees to an electric vehicle as a dedicated parking area acts as a convenient space in which to install electric car charging points for business and charge the vehicles during work hours.

The Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles, also known as OLEV, funds the Workplace Charging Scheme. The scheme provides a grant for businesses to reduce the cost of electric car charging points for business UK.

As OLEV approved installers, we visit workplaces to fit charge points across the UK.

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How Can EV Charging Points Reduce Your Tax Cost?

Any business that purchases low emission cars is eligible for 100% First Year Allowance (FYA) until April 2021. This means that your business can claim up to 100% of the cost of electric vehicles.

As of April 2020, electric cars will be eligible for 0% Benefit In Kind (BIK), a tax payable for a vehicle owned through a business.

Low Fuel Costs

As electric cars don’t run on traditional fuel, they have a no fuel benefit charge. This ensures that your employees are exempt from charges on electricity from their employer when charging their car.

Claim Up To £350 Per Socket

Your business can claim up to £350 per charging socket for a maximum of 20 sockets per site per application.

If you’re wondering about electric car charging points for business cost, get in touch with one of our EV experts and we will be happy to help.

Features Of Your Electric Car Charging Points For Business UK

Charge point features can vary depending on your supplier and type. For instance, you will need to decide whether a simple plug in option is best for your business or whether cloud connected chargers with full back office capability will benefit you the most.

Here at Volta Compliance, we find that a dedicated network that allows you to manage your chargers is a popular option.

The Features

  • UK-made charge points
  • Modern aesthetics
  • A choice of wall mounted or post mounted
  • EV charging station signage
  • LED status indicator
  • Cloud based portal client management tools
  • Cloud based installer management
  • IOS/Android dedicated app with charge management features
  • Remote software upgrades
  • Active load management

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How Can Volta Compliance Help?

We are proud to be OLEV approved installers under the Workplace Charging Scheme. Our dedicated team of engineers ensure that your charging points are installed to the highest of standards to allow you to make the most of government incentives. We can also advise you on our installation process, cost-saving benefits and future maintenance of your charging points.

Here’s a quick insight into our process:

Step 1: Applicant completes application

Step 2: Voucher generated

Step 3: Installer completes the installation

Step 4: Installer submits claim

Step 5: Installer receives grant

For more information, take a look at our EV Services.

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