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rothschild & co

Rothschild & Co

Global Financial Services

The Business

Rothschild & Co provide diverse financial services including investment banking, asset management, and wealth management.

The Challenge

Rothschild & Co. recognised the critical importance of maintaining a safe and compliant working environment for its employees and clients. With emergency lighting being a key element in ensuring safety during unforeseen events, the client sought a comprehensive inspection and testing solution to identify and address any potential issues within their facilities.

The Solution

Initial Assessment:

Volta Compliance conducted a thorough initial assessment of Rothschild & Co.'s facilities to identify emergency lighting systems and potential areas of concern.

Regulatory Compliance Check:

Our team ensured that all emergency lighting systems adhered to relevant local and international safety standards, providing a comprehensive compliance check.

Customised Inspection Plan:

Tailoring our approach to the unique needs of Rothschild & Co., we developed a customized inspection plan that considered the size, layout, and specific requirements of each facility.

Minimising Disruption:

Understanding the importance of minimal disruption to daily operations, Volta Compliance scheduled inspections during non-business hours, ensuring the efficiency of the process without affecting the client's productivity.

Advanced Testing Technologies:

Leveraging cutting-edge testing equipment, our technicians performed in-depth assessments to identify any faults, failures, or areas requiring improvement in the emergency lighting systems.

The Results

Identification of Issues:

Volta Compliance identified and rectified several issues within the emergency lighting systems, ensuring that all units were fully operational and compliant with safety standards.

Detailed Compliance Report:

A comprehensive compliance report, detailing the inspection results, was provided to Rothschild & Co., offering transparency and clarity on the state of their emergency lighting systems.

Preventive Maintenance Recommendations:

Alongside addressing immediate concerns, Volta Compliance offered preventive maintenance recommendations to extend the lifespan of the emergency lighting systems and minimise future risks.

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