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What is the ESOS Notification of Compliance?

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what is the esos notification of compliance?

Submitting your ESOS notification of compliance is a crucial part of your obligations as a large undertaking. But with all the other ins and outs of ESOS, it’s easy for things to get a little muddled. Read on as we clear things up when it comes to notifying your compliance.

ESOS notification: the basics

If your organisation is classed as a large undertaking, you’ll need to fulfil a set of ESOS obligations by a set deadline for each phase. That’s based on the government’s criteria, including the size of your workforce, annual turnover and balance sheet.

First is appointing an ESOS lead assessor, who will take responsibility for the process. They’ll then need to calculate your total energy consumption, identify areas of significant energy usage and maintain accessible records of all the relevant assessments and reports.

The notification of compliance is essentially the final step of the process for each ESOS phase. It’s sent to the Environment Agency through a SmartSurvey and must be completed by the notification deadline – that’s 5th December 2023 for phase 3.

What does the notification of compliance include?

Your ESOS notification of compliance doesn’t actually require you to provide data about energy usage. Instead, it will include relevant details about your organisation and how it has complied with the requirements.

That starts with basic information like your trading name and sector and extends to the more specific details about your compliance. Some other important things to note are:

  • There’s no charge for submitting an ESOS notification of compliance
  • You don’t need to make an account or log into the system
  • You can complete part of the notification, save your progress and continue at a later date (as long as it’s still before the deadline). You’ll get an email from the system with a link to resume your notification.

Where does my notification go?

Your notification goes to the Environment Agency to let them know that you’ve complied with your obligations. However, it is also published online as part of the ESOS regulations and the government’s open data policies.

Don’t worry – there’s nothing in there that you would mind being shared, and definitely no personal data!

What if I make a mistake?

Because notifications are sent through an online system, once they’re gone, you can’t go back and amend them. So what if you’ve realised that something is wrong?

Thankfully, you can get in touch with the Environment Agency. You’ll need to email [email protected] with your submission date and the name of your organisation, plus details of any inaccurate information and how it needs to be amended.

While this is an option, it does add to the hassle involved – so it’s always worth double- or even triple-checking that all information is accurate before submitting your notification.

Take the hassle out of ESOS

The ESOS notification of compliance is just one of the many little jobs you don’t have time to do. That can become an even bigger problem if you get things wrong or miss a deadline. Thankfully, Volta Compliance can make things easier.

We provide professional, reliable ESOS services to organisations throughout Yorkshire. With our help, you can not only stay compliant, but also reduce your energy output going forward and save money over time.

Sound good? Get in touch with us on 0113 397 1361 or email [email protected].

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