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Your Guide To Industrial Emergency Lighting Inspection & Testing

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Your Guide To Industrial Emergency Lighting Inspection & Testing

Is your industrial emergency lighting compliant? Regular inspection and testing will identify any work that is required and ensure precautions are in place to protect your premises and your workforce in the event of an emergency.

UK legislation requires that your business carries out regular industrial emergency lighting inspection and testing. It is important to maintain your emergency lighting properly in the event of an emergency or smoke-filled room.

What Is Emergency Lighting Testing?

Emergency lighting testing is a procedure consisting of various risk assessments and precautions carried out across your premises. Its aim is to ensure that emergency lighting is in good working order.

Commercial emergency lighting is in place to illuminate emergency escape routes in case of a power cut or emergency evacuation. This allows occupants of the building to safely navigate their way out of the building as quickly as possible. It will also help the emergency services locate missing persons and navigate the premises.

Why Do I Need Industrial Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting inspection and testing will ensure that your business is compliant with UK legislation regarding emergency lighting regulations. It is vital that you can show you have completed regular inspection and testing for several key reasons:


First and foremost, your commercial emergency lighting is an essential part of workplace safety. A shocking 56 per cent of European businesses fail to update or reassess their emergency lighting procedures after refurbishment or internal reorganisation. This puts them and their business at greater risk of injury or damage.

Emergency lighting saves lives – it is important that you keep up to the recommended inspection and testing procedures.

Be Compliant

In 2015, Tata Steel faced a hefty fine of 200k when molten metal from a crane caught alight after an accidental spill. Several members of staff were injured and Tata pleaded guilty to a health and safety charge. It was discovered that their emergency lighting was insufficient throughout the ordeal.

Not only can poor compliance lead to injury and damage to the premises, it can result in a fine and expensive legal fees.

Protect Your Business

Industrial emergency lighting is not a ‘fit-and-forget’ solution. It is easy to focus on initial cost of fitting your lighting, however inspection and testing is vital to minimise risk to your occupants and premises.

How Can Volta Compliance Help?

We are industrial emergency lighting inspection & testing specialists.

Here at Volta Compliance, we specialise in electrical compliance for industrial and commercial properties.

We Work With You

We promise to remind you when your business is due a commercial emergency lighting inspection. This will give you plenty of time to book and schedule your inspection and test at a time that is convenient to you.

Our engineers will carry out the relevant inspections and tests at times that are best for you. We know that you have busy schedules and that’s why we promise to minimise any disruption to the everyday running of your business.

What We Do

  • We provide a full emergency lighting report carried out to BS5266
  • Our experienced electricians are qualified to C&G 2394/2395 or equivalent
  • We provide a fully managed service that includes reminders & scheduling
  • Our cloud system promises electronic storage of your certificates
  • We also provide you with photographic evidence to support remedial actions

Get In Touch!

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in commercial and industrial electrical installations and compliance.

We also tailor our solutions to the needs of your business using our specialist expertise.

So, if you’re looking for emergency lighting and testing, get in touch today!

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Richard Carr Volta Compliance
Richard Carr
Managing Director
Richard is the Director of Volta Compliance. He is a fully qualified approved electrician graded with the JIB. Richard has over 20 years electrical experience working on commercial and industrial installations.