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Electrical Compliance Certificates – Everything You Need to Know

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electrical compliance certificates everything you need to know

Ensuring electrical safety in commercial properties is not only a legal obligation but essential for maintaining a safe environment for your employees and visitors.

Electrical compliance certificates, and particularly the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), are your best solution for remaining compliant and safe.

In this guide, we’ll look at the certificates you need, how you can get them and how long they last.

Electrical compliance certificates for commercial properties

In the UK, the primary electrical compliance certificate for commercial properties is the Electrical Installation Condition Report. It’s a reliable way to ensure your electrical systems are safe and fully functional and check their installation and condition.

The EICR assesses several key areas:

The safety of your electrical installations

It determines if any potentially hazardous conditions in your workplace could lead to electric shocks or fires.

The condition of electrical components

EICR checks for wear and tear, damage and other issues that could compromise the safety of your office and staff.

Your compliance with important regulations

Finally, it verifies that installations meet the standards set by the latest version of the BS 7671 regulations.

An Electrical Safety Certificate is important for compliance as it demonstrates your commitment to electrical safety.

How do I get an EICR certificate?

Obtaining an EICR certificate involves several straightforward steps.

Hire a qualified electrician:

Ensure that the electrician or electrical contractor is registered with a recognised professional body, such as NICEIC. This will demonstrate that they are competent and authorised to carry out inspections.

Schedule the inspection:

Arrange a convenient time for an inspection to take place. Depending on the size and complexity of your office or workplace, the inspection may take as little as several hours to as much as a few days.

Inspection and testing:

During the inspection, the electrician will examine your electrical installations, conduct tests and identify any issues or potential hazards. Items of inspection will usually include fuse boxes, sockets and wiring. The electrician will then categorise these issues according to their severity. Learn more about different types of EICR codes in our simple guide.

Address issues after inspection:

After your inspection, you’ll receive a certificate detailing the findings. If the electrician has highlighted any urgent issues, it is essential to address these promptly to maintain the safety and compliance of your property.

How long does an electrical compliance certificate last?

The validity of an EICR certificate varies depending on the type of property and what it is being used for.

For commercial properties, the maximum period for an EICR certificate is typically five years. However, this can be shorter if the electrician recommends more frequent inspections based on the condition of your electrical installations.

Regular inspections are crucial for maintaining electrical safety and ensuring you remain compliant with the latest regulations.

Book your electrical installation condition report and certificate today

At Volta Compliance, we specialise in electrical compliance for businesses throughout Yorkshire. With comprehensive EICR testing and support, we aim to make electrical compliance hassle-free for you and your business. Our team of experts will explain everything in plain English, and inform you of any steps you need to take to remain safe and compliant.

To arrange an EICR for your business today, don’t hesitate to contact us. Email us now at [email protected] or give us a quick call on 0113 397 1361.

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