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Is Your Business Safe? Here Are 3 Essential Actions...

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Electrical Compliance

Is Your Business Safe? Here Are 3 Essential Actions You Can Take To Ensure Your Business Is Compliant And Risk Free.

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Our services are designed to ensure the highest standards of electrical compliance for your business, in line with wiring regulations. It is essential that your business has the correct systems expected of a safe and professional working environment.

If you don’t have the correct or up-to date electrical compliance, it can result in serious injury or building damage as well as insurance and legal issues.

Continue reading to find out the 3 essential elements of electrical compliance to carry out for your business.

1 Electrical Installation Condition Reporting

Electric Installation Condition Reporting (EICR) is a visual and electrical inspection of the installation and accessories within your premises.

This periodic inspection is carried out to identify the condition of an electrical installation. It highlights any observations and recommendations relevant for any subsequent remedial work.

Time, daily use and breakages can all contribute to non-compliance. An electrical installation may not look faulty, but only a full inspection can determine its condition.

Why Is EICR Important?

  • It identifies whether your electricity supply can disconnect in an emergency, reducing the risk of further damage or injury.
  • An EICR can identify whether deterioration has occurred over time, so that it can be rectified as necessary as part of remedial work.
  • Up-to date EICR is often a condition of insurance. An electrical compliance certificate cost is little disruption to your company in comparison to the risk of accident and potential injury.
  • A certificate is issued to record the recommendations and observations of the test. This is stored in a secure online portal for peace of mind.
  • The certificate is available to access securely from any online device.
  • An EICR reduces the risk of reactive maintenance issues.

The inspection includes full management of scheduling and reminders to guarantee as little disruption as possible to your business. The scope of the inspection and limitations of the report are agreed with the client to ensure minimum disruption to normal business operations. Furthermore, a regular EICR and completion of remedial works will make your work environment safer and help prevent unexpected reactive maintenance issues in the future.

2 Emergency Lighting Inspections & Testing

An essential element of electrical compliance is emergency lighting inspection and testing.

Emergency lighting should illuminate escape routes and exits for a minimum duration to ensure safe exit from the buildings by the occupants in case of emergency or drill.

As a business owner, you will understand the importance of risk assessments and procedures for staff and visitors to follow in case of an emergency.

Why Do I Need Emergency Lighting Inspection & Testing?

  • Staff and visitors will know how and where to evacuate the building in an emergency
  • An escape plan and emergency lighting are important to reach minimum safety standards for your business.
  • If mains lighting should fail, emergency lights are potentially life-saving installations that illuminate walkways and emergency exits.
  • An emergency lighting inspection test ensures that your business’s emergency lighting is bright enough to comply to current standards and legislation.

3 Fire Alarm Inspection, Servicing and Maintenance

How often should your fire alarm be tested?

Once a week by the person responsible according to the British Standard Regulations.

While everyday maintenance is essential, full servicing is too. Book an inspection for every 6 months as part of your electrical compliance routine.

Factors That Can Contribute To A Non-Compliant Fire Alarm:

  • Improvements or building work around the premises.
  • Interfering by an unqualified person.
  • Component deterioration or breakdown.

Why Is a Fire Alarm Inspection Important?

  • Don’t take the risk: fire can cost lives.
  • A faulty alarm can sound intermittently, causing panic or worse, a complacent attitude.
  • A regular inspection will save you from reactive maintenance services.

How Can Volta Compliance Help You?

Here at Volta Compliance, we understand that looking after your electrical compliance can be complex and time-consuming. Having the right advice and work in place will free-up more time for you and your business.

With over 20 years’ experience, Richard and the team are passionate about promoting the highest standards of electrical compliance testing across Yorkshire.

Simply get in touch here for a free site survey. We carry out a comprehensive and in-depth consultation for your business to identify your electrical compliance testing observations and recommendations. We then put a plan in place that suggests any remedial work that may need undertaking.

Our Past clients include Richard Austin Alloys, 2Excel Aviation and Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool.

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Richard Carr
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Richard is the Director of Volta Compliance. He is a fully qualified approved electrician graded with the JIB. Richard has over 20 years electrical experience working on commercial and industrial installations.