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5 Clear Benefits of Electrical Infrared Inspection

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5 clear benefits of electrical infrared inspection

Electrical infrared inspection is one of the ways to check the state of your installation. As a site manager or business owner, you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of this method. But it is important to know about the benefits, so you can weigh up whether it’s something you want or need.

In this post, we’ll explain what it is in clear terms and then look at five advantages of the process.

Introducing electrical infrared inspection

For the uninitiated, electrical infrared inspection is a type of preventative maintenance that identifies faults in an electrical installation before they actually fail.

It works by scanning for temperatures. That picks up any abnormal build-up of heat, which happens when electrical elements are under stress. Those elements might still be working normally, so stress wouldn’t be picked up by other tests.

An electrical contractor will capture infrared images to analyse and then put everything in a report for you to review. That allows you to arrange repairs and rectify problems before a breakdown.

It’s useful as a standalone inspection, but can also be combined with other methods like resistance testing and continuity testing for a complete check of your electrics.

Electrical infrared inspection benefits

Quick to perform

First and foremost, infrared inspections are quick and hassle-free. Because everything is done with an infrared camera, the operation is non-invasive, so to speak. There’s no need to switch off your electrical installation or appliances, so your team won’t have to down tools for several hours.

Minimises disruption

The inspection itself isn’t the only time disruption is avoided. By identifying electrical stress before elements fail, you can prevent full breakdowns and major repairs. That means less downtime for your business.

Reduces stress

There’s not much as stressful as an electrical breakdown for your business – and we’re not just talking about stress for electrical elements.

Seemingly out of nowhere, your business is halted and you’re scrambling around trying to arrange inspections and repairs against the clock. Swap that for planned repairs at a time of your choosing – and you can see why electrical infrared inspection is so beneficial.

Improves safety

Taking a proactive approach to electrical maintenance will improve safety on your site. It massively reduces the risk of shocks and electrical fires, which protects your staff and your business as a whole.

Lowers repair costs

Last but certainly not least, infrared inspections can save you money. Replacing small elements is easy and affordable. If overheating elements go unnoticed, they can cause much more extensive damage to your installation, which costs lots more to put right.

Arrange your infrared inspection

Electrical infrared inspection is one of the many compliance services we offer at Volta Compliance. Operating throughout Yorkshire, we employ a range of methods to thoroughly inspect electrical installations for businesses.

With our inspections and expert repairs, you can avoid disruption, reduce costs and keep your business operating safely. To find out more or arrange an inspection, simply call 0113 397 1361 or email [email protected].


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