Emergency Lighting Inspection & Testing

UK legislation requires that employers and other persons in control of premises carry out risk assessments and take precautions to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the safety of occupants.

This includes the provision of safe means of escape including emergency routes and exits plus appropriate signage. It also stipulates that levels of illumination should be adequate and that emergency lighting must be in full working order should normal lighting fail.

What Is Emergency Lighting Testing?

Testing of your emergency lighting by the expert engineers at Voltacompliance ensures that it is safe, effective, in good working order and complies with all the relevant legislation.

We will carry out tests and inspections at the correct intervals and at convenient times to suit you, minimising any impact on your day-to-day business.

And when retests are due, we will give you ample warning ensuring that your emergency lighting continues to be fully compliant.

What’s Included?

  • An emergency lighting report carried out to BS5266
  • Experienced electricians qualified to C&G 2394/2395 or equivalent
  • A fully managed service/including reminders & scheduling
  • Electronic storage of your certificates
  • Photographic evidence to support remedial actions

Why Do I Need It?

Non-illumination In An Emergency

Should your emergency lighting fail or prove inadequate in an emergency, building occupants may not be able to locate the emergency exits.

Poor or failed emergency lighting could also result in injury to staff and visitors who are unable to vacate the building quickly. In addition it could impair the effectiveness of emergency services such as fire service personnel.

Finally, in the event that your emergency lighting is found to be non-compliant with current regulations, you could be in danger of investigation and prosecution.

How we help
We will inspect and check your emergency lighting to ensure that it is electronically and mechanically sound and that it meets BS7671 standards.

We will also ensure that illumination is sufficiently powerful to meet current regulations and that, in the event of an emergency, it will take over should your normal lighting fail.

Any urgent issues or faults will be dealt with during the inspection and testing, so you are never at risk of your emergency lighting failing. Non-urgent issues requiring attention will be outlined in our report under Remedial Work, classified by urgency.

Risk Of Electric Shock / Non-compliance

No business wants to be held responsible for injury to staff or visitors. But whenever electrical connections are poorly maintained, there may be risk of electric shock.

If your emergency lighting is found to be non- compliant in the event of an accident, you run the risk of being investigated and potentially prosecuted.

Following testing and inspection of your emergency lighting, we will issue you with all the documentation you need as evidence that you are compliant with BS5266.

How we help
Our inspection and testing service includes a thorough visual inspection of your emergency lighting to ensure that any remedial action can be taken before any issues get more serious.

We will also carry out a series of electrical tests to verify that protective conductors are compliant and that, in the event of a potential fault or risk of electric shock, the relevant protection and disconnection will come into play.

Any exposed live parts or defective protected devices or conductors will be classified as an immediate danger and put right immediately. Any non-urgent matters will be outlined in our reports under Remedial Work, classified by urgency.


Ensuring that your emergency lighting is fully compliant and safe may be a condition of your insurance. So it’s always important to check with your insurance company.

If you need to claim because of electrical fire or electric shock and are unable to produce proof of compliance you may find that your insurance doesn’t cover you.

How we help
Our inspection and testing certificate will prove that your emergency lighting meets the standards required by BS5266 so, should the need arise, you can produce it as proof of compliance.

Costly Maintenance / Emergency Repairs

If non-compliant emergency lighting breaks down, call out and repair fees can be expensive. It can also be costly in terms of downtime.

Can you afford to have your business affected by unnecessary or unplanned downtime?

How we help
Regular periodic testing is a good way to prevent unexpected or emergency maintenance and ensure that your emergency lighting is compliant.

Our inspection will identify any issues, so you can take remedial action sooner rather than later. We will also carry out any urgent repairs during our inspection and highlight any less urgent issues under the Remedial Work section on our report.

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