Electric Vehicle Charging

Voltacompliance are authorized by OLEV to install electric vehicle charge points under the workplace charging scheme.

What Does This Mean?

As an employer, you can take advantage of the voucher-based scheme and claim up to £500 per socket for a maximum of 20 sockets per site per application.
The process:

  • Step 1: Applicant completes application
  • Step 2: Voucher generated
  • Step3: Installer completes the installation
  • Step4: Installer submits claim
  • Step 5: Installer receives grant

The process starts with a site survey to determine the suitability of the existing supply for EV chargepoints based around the requirements of the client.

At Voltacompliance we take this opportunity to engage face to face with Business owners, Facilities managers, Operations managers and Project managers to really understand the fine detail. Once we understand the exact requirements for the EV installation we can decide and advise on the best solutions to satisfy the site specific needs. This will include:

  • Initial general site survey
  • Type of earthing arrangement
  • Hazardous zone identification
  • Is the incoming supply metered?
  • Existing earthing and bonding arrangements
  • Is planning permission required?

At this point if the supply is suitable to accept the additional demand then we will proceed to a full proposal:

  • Electronic proposal issued
  • Client to sign off electronically
  • Installation to commence
  • Initial verification
  • Commissioning
  • End user training

If the supply does not meet the specification for the additional demand then an application for an increase in load can be made to the DNO.

What To Expect From A Charge Point

Charge point equipment varies from supplier to supplier ranging from simple plug and play devices to cloud connected chargers with full back office capability. In commercial situations we tend to install a dedicated network hardwired for reliability for you to manage your charger/s. Features include:

  • Robust charge points made in the UK
  • Aesthetically pleasing suited to modern type installations
  • Wall mounted or post mounted
  • EV charging station signage
  • LED status indicator
  • Cloud based portal client management tools
  • Cloud based installer management
  • IOS/Android dedicated app with charge management features
  • Over-the-air remote software upgrades
  • Active load management

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years experience in the electrical sector Voltacompliance can design, install, commission and maintain your EV charge points. You can be assured of a quality, safe and compliant installation whilst you take advantage of the savings from this innovative clean technology.

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