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Elevate your electrical compliance management with ECaaS - Electrical Compliance as a service, a revolutionary addition to our suite of offerings.
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Key Features of ECaaS

interactive compliance charts
Interactive Compliance Charts
Our user-friendly charts visually represent your compliance data, making it easy to identify areas that require focus. Track trends, view historical data, and stay informed about the overall health of your electrical systems effortlessly.
secure paperwork storage
Secure Paperwork Storage
Forget the hassle of managing piles of paperwork. ECaaS securely stores all your associated documents, certificates, test dates, and renewal schedules in one centralised portal. Access and retrieve essential information with ease, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
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Comprehensive Compliance Management
ECaaS is not just a tool; it's a complete managed service. Our system actively monitors compliance deadlines, sending timely reminders for certificate renewals and testing requirements. Focus on your core responsibilities while we handle the details.
Multi-User Access
Collaborate seamlessly with your team. ECaaS supports multi-user access, allowing different team members to view and manage compliance data, fostering efficient communication and collaboration.
access from any device, 24:7:365
Access from Any Device, 24/7/365
Stay connected and informed at all times. ECaaS provides the flexibility to access your compliance dashboard from any device, ensuring you have the information you need, whenever you need it.
Notifications When Files Added
Receive instant notifications when new files are added to the system. Stay in the loop, ensuring that you are informed about any updates or changes to your compliance documentation.
PAT Testing
Notifications on Upcoming Renewal Dates
Never miss a deadline. ECaaS sends proactive notifications about upcoming renewal dates, keeping you ahead of compliance requirements and helping you avoid any potential disruptions.

Benefits of ECaaS

Time Savings
Designed with your busy schedule in mind, ECaaS streamlines your compliance management, saving valuable time for professionals, facilities managers, operations managers, and business owners.
Enhanced Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing that your electrical compliance and health and safety responsibilities are in expert hands. ECaaS provides assurance by offering a proactive approach to compliance management.
Efficient Site Management
Effortlessly oversee compliance across multiple sites with a centralised platform. ECaaS simplifies the complexities of managing diverse electrical systems, ensuring uniformity and consistency in compliance practices.
Advanced Upgrade - All Your Compliance in One Place!
Upgrade to our advanced package and take control of all your compliance needs in one centralised platform. With the advanced upgrade, you can:
  • Add Your Own Services:
Customise the platform by incorporating your specific services, ensuring a tailored approach to your unique compliance requirements.
  • Files Integration:
Seamlessly integrate your own files, documents, and resources into the system, creating a unified repository for all your compliance-related materials.
  • Compliance Dates and Renewal Dates:
Take charge of your compliance schedules by adding and managing all your important dates directly through the interactive dashboard.


Do I have to contract services to get the software?

Our software is available as a stand-alone service.

Is the software easy to use?

Yes, full onboarding is provided via videos, blogs, or face-to-face sessions.

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